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South Africa’s Exposure Trip

On September 22, 2017, the grade 12 students of SSIS Malarayat went to an exposure trip where they visited the famous Luneta Park, Museo ng Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and Mind Museum.

In this blog post, I’ll be focusing more on our trip to Mind Museum located in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Mind Museum 021
The Life-size Periodic Table of Elements

In this photo, we can see different elements and where we can find them. Through this life-size periodic table, it gives us knowledge on what really an element is and its sources.


This artifact shows how much radiation can be present when you simply move the hands of the robotic machine.

Famous Scientists

These scientists are famous because of their inventions, discoveries, and experiments. They were attached to a big Erlenmeyer flask because most of them are chemist.

“everything is made up of atoms”

This image or artifact shows that atoms are present everywhere even to chocolates and etc. We are all made up of atoms. Atoms are everywhere. Look around, you’ll see all things and they are made up of atoms.

Carbon Cave

This artifact shows the structures of some carbohydrates and organic compounds. If you come inside of the artifact, you’ll see some ball joint and you can design some 3D structures of carbs and organic compounds.



Insights (Esterification)

In the first part of the experiment, we are pressured because we have to make 15 mixtures in an hour. So our group leader, Katya, was frightened because we are not yet complete in terms of the materials needed for the experiment. When we were about to start the experiment, Katya panicked even more because me and Faisal, the ones who are doing the mixtures are not in a hurry. When the glass jar with water was put on the hot plate and the first mixture was already inside, eventually the glass jar breaks due to a high temperature of the hot plate. So we needed another glass jar and that makes our group hurry more. Later on, Katya was calmed because we are doing the experiment well. Even though we weren’t able to make 15 mixtures, as well as the other groups, we were able to know Fischer Esterification and that esters have a distinct smell.

I learned that you need to be calm even though you are lacking out of time.

Seniors’ Sports Event

On March 9 and 10, the senior high school of Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat held a sports event with sports Basketball and Frisbee. The varsity basketball boys organized the basketball event with a 3×3 tournament for grade school levels 3-6. The rest of the class are with the frisbee teaching the basics to the grade school as well. The sports event is successfully done by the seniors.

In this sports event, I learned that we should always cooperate with each other to be done with a certain thing successfully. Teamwork is the best collaborative way to finish something great.

Seniors: Trust The Process

On Feb. 7, 2017, the senior high school class of Stonyhurst Southville International School – Malarayat held a fitness program for the whole community including ECED, Grade School, High School students and Teachers, and Staffs. The Seniors’ theme is the school’s theme which is inTENsity, celebrating the 10th year anniversary of the school.


It was early in the morning when us, the seniors, do the fitness activity. The first ones to dance is our group which is led by Mikkel  Mazloum with songs Club Can’t Handle Me and Fire Burning by Flo Rida and Sean Kingston, respectively. First, we do the warm-ups with some dynamic stretching and followed by the Zumba itself. I can really see the inTENsity from the students and the teachers, especially from the hyper ECEDs.  After our group is finished, we are followed by the dance number of Miss Rizchel, Chloe Perez, and Shanes Mendoza. And lastly, the group 2 of our class which is led by Katya Mazloum with songs Trumpets by Sak Noel and All of Me by John Legend. They did the part 2 of the Zumba at the cool down.


After it was all finished, I can see the happiness of the participants in our fitness program. I’m glad that everyone participated and enjoyed our activity.

What is the world made of?

What really is the world made of?

The film showed many endeavor works of many great scientists and chemists. But still, the film left me in wonder. Maybe I can’t answer the question what really is the world made of but little by little, in the near future, this will be greatly answered.

The film, overall, gives a lot of details and information on how it all started. From the Alchemist to historical chemists and to our present scientists. I can say that discovering elements is a very difficult process in which scientists and chemists are greatly honored. I am so proud of them, without them, we aren’t studying these topics and lessons.

Without proof, they will not be honored. Without power, science will not branch out to what it is today. Without passion, we’ll never answer what really is the world made of.

Quantum Leap

All of us are made up of atoms.

The Fabric of Cosmos: Quantum Leap explains how we can see atoms. The video shows important details and information about science that we really need to know. They verify how electrons behave. Electrons do not follow one path. They tend to leap from one energy level to another but go back to its ground state that’s why an atom produces different colors. In that sentence, they form the words quantum leap and entitled it to this episode.

Two great scientists argued to a certain topic. Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein battle their way to what really is the quantum theory. Albert Einstein told Bohr that God is not rolling the dice and Bohr answered back that don’t tell God what to do. So this is one of the significant events in physics. Still, I learned the concept that says electrons are probability waves.

There are so many thoughts and ideas presented in the movie. Although I finished watching the movie, it is still a mystery for me that I need to discover.





Life enlightens the World

One of the dreams of the students must be taking one two-hour lesson and be done with that class for life. Now that’s what happened with ours. Discussing the beginning until the creation of life in the world fulfilled one of our dreams.

Everyone knows about the Big Bang. It was believed that the universe came from it. Starting smaller than an atom and resulting in something bigger than a galaxy. Maybe in some ways, this can be unbelievable.

It took billions of years since the creation of the world and life. As elements are discovered little by little, they create things which are necessary for our lives. Hydrogen comes first, helium comes second and so on and so forth. As stars explode, planets are formed and so as life. Plants, exotic animals, and water were its significant arts. It is called life. The life which brings light and colors to the world. The life which brings meaning to the world.

So even if you are small and your being has existed, you are an important part of something very large and very beautiful.


Wanna meet SGwannaB

November 22, 2016 – A day with the author of the popular pop fiction novel, She’s Dating The Gangster, a day with Ms. Bianca Bernardino. Ms. Bianca shared her experiences during and after writing the said novel. While she was sharing, I realize that she really is a simple woman who loves to write based on what  she experienced especially when she told us that she just came up to that story while brain storming. She came up to that story with so much what ifs. Of course, some of the situations in the book was really based on her surroundings especially the pen names like Sexy Love and Love Babe.

Don’t quit. This is what Ms. Bianca hold onto. She didn’t expect that her novel, She’s Dating The Gangster, will be the cause of the change in her life. So generally, let us turn our dreams into goals. There are no limitations. Even though the pace seems slow, let us not quit. Maybe that thing that we hold on to will have a great impact to the change that we wanted to be.


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